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New Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Dive into the freshness of the season with the Spring-Summer 2024 collection at Drake Store. Discover the latest creations fromAmi Paris, Staud, Isabel Marant, Casablanca, Moncler and Stone Island and many more, designed to accompany you in style wherever you go.

At Drake Store, we make shopping easy and accessible. Take advantage of payment in instalments andfree delivery throughout Switzerland for worry-free shopping. Explore our in-store and online selection today for a summer filled with style and sophistication.

The spring-summer collections of our brands


Luxury Dental Care. Selahatin combines sensuality with professional dental care. Brushing your teeth as an obligation becomes a sensory experience. More

CP Company

C.P. Companya legendary brand founded by visionary Massimo Osti, a daring graphic artist turned designer driven by his passion for comics. More

Lois London

The Lois London brand embodies classic, multifunctional elegance infused with a touch of mystery and oriental glamour. More


Mason's 's distinctive style is recognizable with modern cuts and meticulous details that add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. More

Our selection of brands

Our brands have been carefully selected with you in mind. Treat yourself and find your next treasures from renowned designers such as Paris Texas, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexandre Vauthier, Palm Angels, Balmain and more.

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