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Discover the essence of beauty and well-being through our exclusive selection of moisturizing and nourishing products at Drake Store. Designed to meet the specific needs of every skin type, these products are packed with enriching ingredients that transform daily moisturizing into a true moment of luxury.

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Payment in 10 instalments
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Moisturizing care for radiant skin

Moisturizing the skin is not just a beauty gesture, it's a necessity for maintaining its health and radiance. Our moisturizers feature advanced formulations that penetrate deep into the epidermal layers for long-lasting hydration, while protecting the skin from external aggressions. At the same time, our nourishing products are enriched with essential nutrients that revitalize and strengthen the skin barrier.

Care products for every need

For those who travel frequently or spend long hours in drying environments such as air-conditioned offices,Mamiel's Altitude Oil is a real savior. This multi-tasking remedy, recommended even by Vogue for its effectiveness, slips easily into your handbag to offer instant refreshment, wherever you are.

Sun protection enthusiasts will appreciate Mamiel's Skin Nectar SPF. This tinted moisturizer not only keeps skin hydrated but also protects it from the damaging effects of pollution and free radicals, with a bonus of SPF 30 protection.

For a deeper skincare experience, the Lesse Bioactive Mask isideal. This unique mask offers an intensely moisturizing and clarifying treatment without drying out the skin, visibly reducing inflammation and imperfections for a clear, renewed complexion.

The importance of natural and organic ingredients

We prefer to use natural and organic ingredients in our products, as they are gentler and more effective on the skin. Plant extracts, essential oils and vegetable butters are selected for their exceptional moisturizing and nourishing properties. These ingredients help restore the skin's natural balance and strengthen its resilience against environmental elements.

Application tips to maximize benefits

Incorporating these skincare products into your daily routine can transform the appearance of your skin. Start by cleansing your face to remove impurities. Then apply a moisturizing serum, followed by a cream suited to your skin type to seal in moisture. Once or twice a week, treat your skin to a mask for optimal repair.

Make your selection and benefit from our services

Choose from our wide selection of cleansers and make-up removers and take advantage of our fast, free delivery service. With Drake Store, make sure you get the best possible care for your skin, perfectly tailored to your specific needs and expectations. Discover how our products can transform your skincare routine and contribute to visibly healthier, more radiant skin.

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