Explore our fragrance collection at Drake Store, where we carefully marry elegant aromas with respect for sustainable practices. Our fragrances, chosen for their superior quality and responsible production, promise to envelop you in captivating scents while adhering to rigorous ethical standards.

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A commitment to quality and ecology

In our quest for excellence, Drake Store is committed to offering fragrances that respect both the skin and the environment. Our fragrances are composed mainly of natural and organic ingredients, illustrating our commitment to sustainability. The Vyrao brand, for example, uses sugarcane alcohol grown without pesticides or fertilizers and offers packaging made from 100% recycled fibers, demonstrating our devotion to planet-friendly practices.

The Vyrao collection: an example of sustainable creativity

Our fragrances in the Vyrao collection, such as "Sun rae", "Magnetic 70" and "Free 00", serve as perfect examples of how sustainable practices can be combined with high-quality perfume creations. Each fragrance is carefully designed to evoke specific emotions while maintaining an impeccable ecological profile.

  • Vyrao "Sun rae" fragrance - An explosion of good cheer: Vyrao's "Sun rae" is a celebration of joy through vibrant notes of turmeric, fresh ginger, bergamot and lemon. In the heart, cardamom and Madagascar black pepper add a spicy, captivating dimension, while base notes of Haitian vetiver, sandalwood, amber and musk bring unparalleled richness and depth...
  • "Magnetic 70" Vyrao- For Attraction and Protection: "Magnetic 70" offers a powerful blend of vetiver and cedarwood in the top notes, creating an aura of strength and protection. Frankincense and angelica seed notes in the heart invoke a mystical tranquility, while juniper wood and elemi in the base provide a bold, long-lasting finish.
  • Parfum "Free 00" Vyrao - Libérez Votre Sensualité: "Free 00" is an ode to freedom and sensuality, with stimulating top notes of lemon and mandarin, enhanced by orange blossom absolute. The floral heart of Egyptian jasmine and vanilla evokes gentle sensuality, complemented by base notes of water lily, musk and sandalwood that bring courage and clarity.

Fragrances for every personality

Drake Store believes that every fragrance should reflect the unique personality of its wearer. Whether you're looking for a scent that evokes strength and determination, or an aroma that speaks of lightness and joy, our diverse range has something for everyone. Our careful selection ensures that each fragrance not only dresses your skin, but also tells a story that is intimately yours.

Why choose our fragrances?

Choosing a fragrance from Drake Store means making an informed choice for fragrances that respect the strictest criteria of quality and environmental responsibility. By choosing our fragrances, you're investing in products that not only make you feel good, but also do good for the planet. Our creations are infused with ingredients that ensure not only a memorable olfactory experience, but also a clear conscience thanks to their harmlessness and sustainability.

Discover responsible luxury with our fragrance collection at Drake Store. Explore our selection and find the fragrance that will awaken your senses while adhering to values of respect and quality.

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