The Boutiques

The first Drake Store opened in 1964. The boutique, then located on Rue des Pâquis, quickly became a reference for men's fashion in Geneva with a selection of original and refined pieces straight from England, then the epicenter of men’s tailoring. 

In 1975, facing growing demand, Drake Store moved to the corner of Rue des Alpes, Rue de Berne to settle in a more spacious arcade and offer its customers a choice of new designers of the time such as Giorgio Armani, Claude Montana and Thierry Mugler. If you grew up in Geneva, it was probably in this shop that your mother dragged you to find your father's costumes.

To meet the needs of its clientele and include a selection of women's clothing, Drake Store moved in 1994 a little further down the Rue des Alpes, at number 13, where one of its stores is still located today. It is with the addition of a feminine section that the boutique is gradually turning towards the world of luxury, following a natural evolution: dressmakers giving way to ready-to-wear shops, it was necessary to specialize the assortment and, pushed by a desire for quality and uniqueness, Drake Store spontaneously turned to high-end collections from French and Italian designers.

In 1999, a second store for men and women opened its doors on the left bank, at Rue du Rhône, number 100. A few years later, in 2005, to meet the demand of Vaud, Drake Store set up a new store in Lausanne, in the merchant street of the Bourg.

At the same time, since the boutique on Rue des Alpes was no longer sufficient to satisfy its customers, Drake Store opened a fourth shop on Rue Ami-Lévrier in 2010 and divided its collections for men and women: Rue des Alpes became a gentlemen’s boutique again while the ladies now found their happiness at a stone's throw away, Rue Ami-Lévrier.

Today, with more than 50 years to its credit, Drake Store continues to offer high-end ready-to-wear through its four boutiques, from the most classic selections to the most avant-garde assortment.

A Family Business

Initially founded by Peter Saxer who managed it for more than 35 years, it is today his son Tobias who holds the reins of the brand (although it is not uncommon to run into Mr. Saxer father in the hallways of the stock or in one of his shops). For both of them, Drake Store is the work of a lifetime.

Tobias' memories of youth are punctuated by his summers spent between stock and shop, helping out, learning the trade; and it is not uncommon to hear him talk about the Saturdays of his teenage years, running the cash register, no matter what his Friday evening looked like. There is a certain nostalgia in his voice, when he recounts the trips to Paris, where he saw the traders of le Sentier collar his father, "Mr. Drake, Mr. Drake!" to show him their collections, formalize a transaction with a handshake, in good faith, before the contracts, audits and guarantees of the 21st century. You can hear him laugh, too, at the thought of the patterns on the carpet at the Men's Clothing Fair then held at Porte de Versailles, which made him dizzy after a few whole days spent exploring and evaluating the season's possible purchases. It must be said that the life of Tobias Saxer revolves around and has revolved around Drake Store, just like his father. While waiting for the next generation to step in, he is modernizing, propelling the brand into the digital world of online sales.

Welcome to Drake Store.